About Us                                                                   

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a platform where Black mental health professionals can connect, support, talk, and collaborate about all things that directly influence Black people's mental wellness.

Our Vision

To support, empower, and elevate Black mental wellness providers in the San Diego region.

The Leadership Team


Our Sponsor

The Center for Achieving Black Wellness and Anti-Racist Education (CABWARE) is the exclusive sponsor for CCBMW.

“CABWARE firmly believes gaps in education and mental wellness within the Black community stem from anti-black racism deeply rooted in all sectors of our education and health care systems. That belief drives CABWARE’s mission to close the achievement and wellness gaps for the Black community by disrupting anti-black racist ideologies, discourses, and practices in education and mental wellness.”

CCBMW meets CABWARE’s mission in two distinct ways: 1) It offers providers a platform they can use to nurture their own wellness; and 2) it provides opportunities for providers to grow connections and resources that they can use to support Black clients. Hence, fostering more opportunities to close the wellness gap.



CCBMW defines Blackness as embodying all people of African descent and all the intersectionalities (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, religion, abilities, language) that make Blackness a complex human construct.  Further, CCBMW will make visible all forms, shapes, colors, abilities, and orientations of Black bodies.